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Why do builders not pay Homeowners Dues since they own the lot? Paragraph 22 of the Owner’s Certificate of Restrictions which is binding to all homeowners in The Meadows states in part: “The obligation to pay Home Owners Association dues for a particular lot will begin upon the date when the homebuilder sells the improved lot to a homebuyer, which date shall be deemed the “closing date”…The Developer shall have no obligation to pay Home Owners Association dues on any lot or lots which it owns.”

How can we change the Restrictions? Paragraph 25 states “These covenants shall run with the land and shall be binding upon all parties and persons and their successors in title until January 1, 2006 at which time said covenants shall be automatically extended for successive periods of ten (10) years unless, by a vote of two-thirds of the then record owners of all the lots in this addition, it is agreed such covenants be modified or canceled.” The extension dates vary between sections: Section 1 through 5 – January 1, 2006 and Section 6 and 7 – January 1, 2020. According to the Oklahoma County Assessor Public Access System, there are 567 lots of public record for The Meadows. If this information is correct, it would appear that we would need a two-thirds majority of the members to pass a change in the Restrictions for all the Sections of The Meadows. Two-thirds majority of the 567 lots of record would be 380 votes in favor of a change. We currently have 405 households. It seems as though this would be quite a challenge to overcome. If any member is still interested in pursuing this matter, please contact the HOA Hotline at (405) 456-9030 and it will be addressed further.

Why are front yard signs not allowed?

Just a friendly reminder concerning landscape, fertilizer and other signs in front yards.  Our C&Rs prohibit signs on the lot unless they are advertising the rental or sale of such property.  

Paragraph 9.  The construction, erection or maintenance of a sign or billboard on any lot or building site is expressly prohibited; except that a sign or billboard advertising the rental or sale of such property is permitted; provided it does not exceed eight (8) square feet in size, unless specific written consent is obtained in advance from Owner,  above  designated,  for  the temporary installation of larger size.

Yard Upkeep Please remember that the Covenants each homeowner agreed to when purchasing your home stipulates that all lots (which include flower beds) must be kept and maintained in such a manner as not to distract from the cleanliness and orderliness of the subdivision. In addition, no items are to be stored next to the house in front of the fence line. This includes garbage cans, bricks, paddle boats, etc. The only exception is basketball goals that must be stored against the side of the house when not in use. We’ve had a few complaints recently and will be visiting these homes soon.

Complaints about Dog Waste and Unleashed Dogs The most vocal complaint we hear is that dogs are leaving their calling cards in the park and throughout the neighborhood. Oklahoma City Ordinances state that all pets must be on a leash when walked and that owners will pick up after their dog. If you walk your dog, please keep him/her on a leash and carry a baggie to pick up the deposits that your pet leaves behind.

Speeding in the Neighborhood The residential speed limit is 25 MPH on all streets. We continue to receive complaints of people speeding. The Board is currently checking into additional speed limit and Yield signs. Please make a full stop at the stop signs. Also, vehicles are not to be parked in the street overnight. The police should be contacted for speeding violations and vandalism.

Need your mailbox repaired or replaced?
Call B.L. Bouska at 405.722.2081 or 405.826.5949.

Who do we contact about tall grass/weeds and animals not on leashes?

http://www.okc.gov/action/Complaint.html or the Oklahoma City Action Line at 297-2535

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